Tip #900: Check custom roles if users can’t see the app

Role play and theater masks

This tip is from Rocky “Road” Sharma. What if you watched the video on App Designer, applied custom security roles to your app and now your users can’t see the App? If you are using custom security roles and create Dynamics 365 Apps for teams/departments in your organisation, the app may not appear in the […]

Tip #865: Watch your language with App Designer

US vs UK muffin

Usually we don’t publish short-lived bugs tips but when Steven “:D 🙂 😐 :/ :(” Foster is in trouble, we all are. tl;dr When App Designer does not save the changes, watch your language. Set it to one of the 45 languages supported by Dynamics 365, that is. #@$*&^$%!( Has anyone been using the App […]

Tip #799: Video Guide to Dynamics 365 App Designer

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In this video, we take a more in depth look at Dynamics 365 Apps Modules. We look at how they are presented in the application, how to create them, how to control security, how to work with the different components, and more. Give us your feedback, all of it: good, bad, and ugly, I’m sure […]