Tip #26: Self-service for CRM users

One of the most valuable input channels for CRM customizers and developers is direct feedback from the users. The problem is that average user is either too reluctant or too busy to spend time on feedback and that pretty much rules out third-party systems like getsatisfaction, uservoice, etc, however useful and clever they might be. By the time user logs into the system of their choice, the context could be long forgotten and entering the suggestion becomes a painful trip down the memory lane.

Create a custom entity named, say, Suggestion or Feedback and add fields to capture the required information. Then add a workflow that simply emails the content of each newly created record to CRM suggestions or support mailbox. Now users can enter their feedback and suggestions when and where required without leaving CRM system.

Sky is the limit when it comes to enhancing the feedback system.

  • Modify application ribbon and add a BIG button to create the suggestions so users can no longer complain they didn’t notice
  • Add Quick create form in CRM 2013
  • Add a dialog that walks user through the creation of the detailed feedback record
  • Instead of emailing suggestion mailbox, add code posting suggestions directly into your CRM (you do use Dynamics CRM to support your customers, don’t you?)
  • Add resolution capabilities and notifications for the end users so that suggestions can be tracked and monitored by the people who created them
  • Add voting system for suggestions
  • No idea if it’s possible but it’d be cool to automatically capture current CRM context so that we know what user has been up to at this very moment.
  • No idea how but adding screen capture abilities would be cool.
  • Bundle all of the above into every single solution your deliver.
This tip comes from our fellow tipster Guy Riddle who apparently has been using this technique since 1972.

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