Tip #211: When upgrading, don’t forget the team form

When upgrading a deployment of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to version 2013, it is easy to overlook some of the back-end forms. These don’t get the attention of entities like Accounts and Cases, but they are very important to the people who use them.

One of my favorite new forms in 2013 is the Team form.

team form

This form is significantly easier to use than it was in 2011, because it adds a grid of team members to the form. You can easily see who is on the team, and add new members to the team. It also adds the new “Team Type” field, so you can see if the team is an owner team or an access team.


4 thoughts on “Tip #211: When upgrading, don’t forget the team form

  1. pebo says:

    hi, thx for this blog,


    what about the possibility for showing roles in subgrids of teams and user forms.
    is this again a half good solution from ms?
    i miss this.
    greets pebo

    • Joel Lindstrom says:

      That would be a good feature. You can do it by overriding the flex query of a sub grid Via JavaScript.

      • peb says:

        hi joel,

        thx for this.
        i hope to find a good source to help me, getting this done.
        do you know, if this can be done across more than one entity.

        thx, greets pit

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