Tip #17: Search SDK like a pro

One good thing about local copy of the Dynamics CRM SDK documentation is that it restricts the search to the SDK itself. Local copy can be searched without usual distractions of online search like advertisements or third-party posts about SDK. Either 2011 or 2013 version of SDK can be downloaded, then installed and searched locally. Turns out, online search can also be restricted to SDK. Simply open www.crmdevelopercenter.com, click Search SDK and fire away. One thing that you probably noticed is that the search box refers to “Search the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 SDK” – that is correct, online copy of 2013 SDK is coming soon.

While we are at it, in addition to www.crmdevelopercenter.com, there are two other new CRM “centers” online: www.crmitprocenter.com and www.crmcustomercenter.com

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