Tip #1200: Placeholders, colors & lorem ipsum

To celebrate 1,200 tips I picked up a topic completely unrelated to Dynamics 365/CDS, as one cwshould. Well, sort of. I was working on some
materials related to Dynamics 365 Portals and, lo and behold, I needed some placeholders besides qwerty asdf.


As a placeholder text, you can’t go past lorem ipsum and the original https://lipsum.com. But wouldn’t you rather have fun? Thanks to the ingenious Any Ipsum WordPress plugin, we now have literally dozens generators on a topic of your liking. Some of my favorites:

Bacon LipsumAdd some meat to your text, literally. My favorite by a long streak of bacon.Pancetta filet mignon shoulder ham, flank cow sirloin short ribs buffalo andouille brisket t-bone venison leberkas spare ribs.
Hipster IpsumArtisanal filler text for your project.Chillwave portland ullamco cliche pop-up. Occupy pork belly fixie af raw denim quinoa duis drinking vinegar.
Samuel L. IpsumA NSFW tribute to Samuel L. Jackson (and not using the plugin as far as I can tell)The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men.


But what is the web site without those proverbial 1,000 words? As regular readers probably have noticed, my goto site for images is https://unsplash.com/ and has been for a long time. Just do the right thing and attribute when you can.

Sometimes you don’t need a fancy image of a “woman looking thoughtfully at a microchip schemata”, you just need a placeholder of a specific size. https://placeholder.com/ to the rescue. Need 128×64, green, and with the word w00t? Here you go (https://via.placeholder.com/128×64/00ff00/?text=w00t):

Green background w00t


Again, tons to choose from. Couple that I use

  • Coolors – nice and easy
  • Adobe Color CC – can match uploaded images
  • Canva – less options than Adobe but seems to pick the colors from an image better
  • COLOURLovers – community site to get some inspiration from others


2 thoughts on “Tip #1200: Placeholders, colors & lorem ipsum

  1. AdamV says:

    Your link to Coolors seems to be wrong, it is pointing at color.adobe.com, same as second link. Did you mean this excellent site: https://coolors.co/ ?

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