Tip #653: Tipster guide to Dynamics CRM 2016 Spring Update – Part III – Interactive Service Hub Enhancements


Spring Update 2016 has introduced several enhancements to Interactive Service Hub. The first is directly related to customizing and extensibility with the ability to add iframes and Web Resources to ISH forms. Also added, is the ability for users to work with article translations that are not in their native language. Give us your feedback, […]

Tip #647: Tipster guide to Dynamics CRM 2016 Spring Update – Part II – Mobile Offline Syncing


As always the annual spring update for CRM online is introducing many new features and improvements. One of those is Mobile Offline Synchronization. In this video we look at requirements for the feature, and walk through setup and configuration (including defining offline profiles, and controlling what data is available). There might be a part III, […]

Tip #637: Tipster guide to Microsoft Flow – codeless integration between CRM and other apps

Friday Flow

Apparently, for people who like bending their joints backward, Friday Flow is a thing. We’ve decided to join the bandwagon and in today’s video we will show you how to create a basic workflow between SharePoint and CRM using Microsoft Flow. Flow is a cloud service, currently in preview, that allow you to create automated […]

Tip #617: Tipster guide to Voice of the Customer – Response Routing


This Friday is nothing special, continuing with awesome Voice of the Customer, this time it’s all about routing. Response Routes in Voice of the Customer allow you to route survey respondents to different areas of the survey based on how they answer specific questions. Give us your feedback, all of it: good, bad, and ugly, […]

Tip #612: Tipster guide to Voice of the Customer – Question Design

CRM Mobile Express for MS-DOS Mobile

As everyone is very busy sinking their teeth into CRM 2016 Spring Wave new features, one development seems to have slipped under the radars. Despite all the rumors, CRM Mobile Express has not been deprecated or abandoned but, instead, trimmed down and streamlined for the installation on top of the MS-DOS Mobile. This works extremely […]