Tip #1251: Run workflow when something did not happen

Brown and white beagle puppy sitting and waiting next to a resting bicycle

Flow is all the rage these days but there are some scenarios where classic workflow still rules. Classic workflow has the uncanny ability to readjust itself when underlying data you’re waiting for, changes. This dialog took place not so long ago: Steve “Reads his own blog” Mordue: I want to trigger a workflow to update […]

Tip #123: Waiting for Godo in CRM workflows

Wait 1 day with timeout

This week’s tips all seem to be about workflows and here is an old favorite of mine. I always found it interesting how non-intuitive wording around Timeout condition pushed majority of developers to use rather convoluted but easier to read and understand Wait conditions when a workflow needs to be paused for a fixed duration. […]

Tip #121: Don’t use wait conditions

Workflow wait conditions can be very useful. Say you need to have an email go to a customer 30 days prior to their contract renewal, it can be tempting to use a wait condition. However, excessive use of wait conditions has a downside. Performance: each waiting workflow instance carries performance overhead. The more waiting workflow […]