Tip #1038: Keep frequent notifications to the business hours


Nagging is a very effective way to get urgent things done. For example, if signature is required, keep sending email reminders every hour until it’s acquired. One of the customers successfully mastered the technique of a recurring self-calling workflow and has been successfully firing emails left and right reminding good people of the outstanding work […]

Tip #634: How to modify recurrent bulk deletion system jobs

All Bulk Deletion System Jobs

On heavy production systems bulk deletion jobs should be scheduled outside of the peak activity window. Unless you’re dealing with 24×7 global monstrosity, scheduling them outside normal working hours would do the trick. There are handful of system jobs that are created for you when CRM organization is provisioned. You can guess what their start […]

Tip #195: Recurring goal creation strategies

The goal functionality in Microsoft Dynamics CRM is very powerful, but in my opinion, is not used as often as it should be. One of the reasons for this is because goals do not recreate themselves–you must recreate them for each time period. This can be very cumbersome, especially if the time periods are short. […]