Tip #819: Project Services Lead to Opportunity

Construction site

Today’s tip is from Matt “Almost Resident” Johnson. I recently came across this little conundrum when progressing a Lead through to Opportunity. Maybe this will save someone else a head scratching moment or two. If you convert a Lead to Opportunity by pressing the Qualify button. It will work but the Opportunity it creates will […]

Tip #624: Updating won opportunity fields

When I receive an email from Mitch “Only in Texas” Milam with the subject “Well, this is interesting”, I know it will be just that. Last week was no exception: Did you know (in 2015 at least) you can change the processed and staged fields on a Won Opportunity, without reopening it? No, I didn’t […]

Tip #394: Where did the opportunity subgrid pop-out button go?

In Tip #393 I recommended replacing the opportunity “Potential Customer” field on the form with the accounted lookup field if you just want to have the customer lookup return account records. Just because you do this on the form does not mean that you should totally replace the “Potential Customer” field. One of the areas […]