Tip #1042: New trial sign up options for Customer Engagement

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We are one whining bunch. We said that 30-days trials are not long enough. Then we said that 30-days trials are not short enough. Microsoft did listen and now we have some new sign up options. Today Microsoft has released a new Customer Engagement trial sign up service for Microsoft Employees and Partners. You can now […]

Tip #449: CRM Online Trial Setup – Update

Our Tip #91: CRM 2013 Online Trials Direct Link provided the url to start the signup process for a 30 day trial of CRM Online. Several months ago Microsoft started offering a concierge service to improve the first use experience. But if you are an experienced end user or a partner that is just spinning up a […]

Tip #91: CRM 2013 Online Trials Direct Link

It is a defacto standard process these days to sign up for a 30 day CRM 2013 Online Trial for various purposes – testing a new solution, doing a demo, some ad-hoc experimentation or as a possible go live project. However, if you go to links like the following, they won’t actually get you there […]