Tip #1042: New trial sign up options for Customer Engagement

We are one whining bunch. We said that 30-days trials are not long enough. Then we said that 30-days trials are not short enough. Microsoft did listen and now we have some new sign up options.

Today Microsoft has released a new Customer Engagement trial sign up service for Microsoft Employees and Partners. You can now sign in using your Microsoft Partner or Microsoft employee credentials to access personalization options. This includes specifying the purpose and preferred duration of your trial. You can add the trial to any tenant you have access to.

What’s New?

  • Choose the preferred duration of your trial – 2 days, 30 days, or 90 days.
    • Depending on the trial purpose you select, Microsoft will recommend a trial duration period based on the partners feedback.
  • Tell Microsoft which tenant you want your viral trial activated on.
    • Sign in with your Partner or Employee credentials, and then during personalization you can specify the demo account you want to use.
    • Need a new demo tenant? Create one at demos.microsoft.com.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and try:

  1. Navigate to http://trials.dynamics.com and select the option “Are you signing up on behalf of a customer or for development purposes?” You will get a prompt to enter your credentials and proceed to the personalization experience.
  2. Personalize
    Personalise trial
    Note a small information icon with a little disclaimer hiding behind it: You may add and manage multiple trials within the same tenant. Bring your own demo tenant or add a trial to your organization’s tenant. Note, you may not be a global administrator for your organization’s tenant. Please visit demos.Microsoft.com to obtain a demo tenant with global administrator permissions.
  3. Make some choices (and be aware of the 25 trials limit)Trial limit

Looks like you need to be a global admin in your tenant which is what I expected anyway but would have been nice to have it in a big bright letters to stop the disappointment of rejection.

Cover photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash


3 thoughts on “Tip #1042: New trial sign up options for Customer Engagement

  1. Brian says:

    Is this only for US customers? I have an existing tenant within the CRM4 region. When I try to add a trial to my existing tenant, I get

    The offer that you want is unavailable. This might be caused by one of the following reasons:
    •The offer has expired.
    •The service is not available in your country or region.
    •You cannot sign up for the same trial a second time.

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