Tip #998: If you have to frequently log in to Dynamics 365 mobile

This is the latest in our series of posts called “Reviewing the reviewers.”  Given that the Apple App Store does not allow responses to app reviews, we are responding to these frequently misguided reviewers here, and explaining how they can resolve the issues that they are seeing with the Dynamics 365 mobile app. Read the previous post in this series.

Today’s review is from Craffay:

Overall, as a review, I would give it a D. The reason is, it is reviewing the Dynamics 365 phone app, but then doesn’t review the Dynamics 365 app, it reviews OneDrive.

The main reason sited for why he wants to give it negative stars and nuke the app is the frequency of having to log in to the app. But here is an important detail: many Office 365 deployments (which includes Dynamics 365) use ADFS for single sign on. The duration of the session token which determines how soon users must log in again is a setting on the ADFS relying party trust.  If you get logged out of your Microsoft business apps very frequently, don’t blame the app. Blame your over protective network administrator.

If you find yourself frustrated having to log in again to Dynamics 365 or other Microsoft business apps, another thing you should do is install Microsoft Authenticator. Authenticator manages your logins for Microsoft accounts, and with Authenticator, you should rarely have to enter your credentials. When prompted for credentials, you can choose the account you wish to use, and Authenticator will log you in. It even supports fingerprint authentication, as Craffay requested.  It’s especially useful if you switch between multiple Office 365 accounts. I also use it to manage my personal Microsoft accounts and facilitate two factor authentication for my Facebook, Amazon, WordPress, Dropbox, and other accounts.

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