Tip #859: Error when starting mobile app

As promised in tip 850, I am reviewing the reviewers of the Dynamics 365 mobile app. For today’s tip, let’s look at this review from SRDK05:


SRDK05 has negative feelings toward the app because it gives him or her an error message at step 3 of the setup process. When this happens, the first step is to identify what the error message is. Sometimes the error messages are generic (“an error has occurred”), so it is important that you know how to turn on trace logs in the mobile app. These logs will give you more detail, and frequently will help identify the real error message. SRDK05 would have known this had he or she read tip 5 back in 2013. Once SRDK05 had the error message, he or she could search Google or Bing for the error message, and hopefully find the solution.

The most common cause of error messages during the mobile app configuration sequence is missing security permissions. Especially if you have upgraded from CRM 2011 and use custom security roles, these roles may be missing some of the permissions that are required to use the mobile app. SRDK05 can find out what those common missing permissions are by reading tip 4.

Once you check out your security permissions and verify that you have the appropriate permissions, check some other issues that may be causing errors during the app initialization sequence:

  • Poor internet connection
  • On premises CRM deployment without IFD
  • Corrupt XML in the sitemap
  • Not enough space on the device
  • Repointing the app multiple times between multiple environments can sometimes result in errors–try a clean installation of the app

If possible, test with another device to eliminate device specific issues. If all else fails, open a Microsoft support ticket.


  1. Turn on tracing and get the real error message
  2. Search Google/Bing for the error message
  3. Check user security permissions
  4. Try with another device
  5. Open a Microsoft support ticket

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