Tip #996: Learn at the summit

What’s the point of running CRM Tip of The Day site if you can’t wheel it out when you need a bit of a promotion? So here we go.

If you’re attending D365UG/CRMUG Summit in Nashville next week, and thirsty for more Dynamics 365 goodness, consider signing up for one of the 25 D365UG/CRMUG Academy classes.

Of course, I’d love you to come to one of my classes over the 2 pre-summit days:

  1. Build a Dynamics 365 Portal in a day. As per title, it will take the entire Monday, October 9, 2017 to learn the fundamentals (and beyond) of the portal development. We will have the exercises for both beginners and skilled developers alike. Bring your laptop and questions.
  2. Free Your Day with Dynamics 365 Automation. This is for every day users, consultants, and even developers – tools, tips and tricks how to be more productive by making your environment and Dynamics 365 do the heavy lifting. Just in 4 hours learn how to be a pointy boss – make the tools work, reap all the credit.
  3. The Best of Advanced Customizations in Dynamics 365. Third year running, as strong as ever. If you ever customize Dynamics 365 yourself or if you ever work with those who do, you need to know this stuff. Of course, “July 2017” a.k.a. version 9 goodness will be there.

Ignoring the above still leaves you with 22 courses to choose from, whether you’re end-user, customizer, analyst, citizen developer, or just a good old developer, consultant, architect, project manager, or ever – gulp – the boss.

So come to Nashville a day or two earlier and learn. See you there!

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