Tip #984: App confusion

Following the word “insights,” the most overused word in Dynamics 365 is “app.” App is used in multiple contexts, and can create confusion when discussing Dynamics 365. I find it helpful to use the following terminology to add clarity when discussing Dynamics 365 apps.

  • Mobile app: The official Dynamics 365 mobile app, available for iOS, Android, and Windows.
  • App for Outlook: The Outlook integration for Dynamics 365, not to be confused with Dynamics 365 for Outlook, the now deprecated legacy Outlook client.
  • Dynamics 365 App Modules: modular business applications that provide access to a subset of Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. Built in the Dynamics 365 App Designer, app modules break the monolithic application into smaller business apps that address specific line of business scenarios, and only include the dashboards, entities, views, and forms needed by users for those scenarios.
  • PowerApps: Mobile applications built in Microsoft PowerApps that can include Dynamics 365 data and processes, as well as data from other Microsoft and third party platforms.
  • There are also apps for field service, project service, and third party mobile apps like Resco.

Where it gets confusing

If I go to a Dynamics 365 user group meeting and ask if anybody uses the Dynamics 365 app, any user of any of the above “apps” might raise their hand. This is why it is important to be precise.

Consider that in version 9, business apps built with Dynamics 365 App Designer will be recognized by the Dynamics 365 mobile app. If you are leading CRM training (and want users to understand what you are saying), saying “CRM mobile app recognizes Dynamics 365 apps” will only confuse your students. Instead, you will want to say something like “The mobile app for Dynamics 365 allows users to select a specific app module when configuring the mobile app, and users can switch to other business app modules if they work with multiple app modules.”

Hopefully this tip has provided some insight into Dynamics 365 apps.

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