Tip #949: Imported records are not assigned correctly

Just for youToday’s tip on record import comes from Guido “Trekkie not Star Wars fan” Preite. (And you can contribute too by sending your tip to jar@crmtipoftheday.com)

Today I tried to import some accounts from an Excel file in a new CRM instance using the Data Import Wizard, I need also to assign them to the right users using an “Owner” column inside the Excel containing the Full Name of the user.
The records were imported but they were assigned to me and not the the users indicated inside the “Owner” column, I did some test and I found that the problem was about the security roles: if a user inside CRM is active but has no security roles, the Data Import Wizard will not map it. After assigning a security role to the users I tried again the import and the “Owner” was set correctly.

Tîpp Jåär wouldn’t be my name if I didn’t do some extra testing. And what do you know, there are some other strings attached. The records will import successfully but the owner will not be set correctly if:

  • Target user does not have any security roles assigned
  • None of the user’s security roles has read permission on the target entity
  • User is disabled


2 thoughts on “Tip #949: Imported records are not assigned correctly

  1. The record owner will also be set correctly if the user is disabled, but still has a security role with proper permissions.

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