Tip #830: Calendar items lost after revoking O365 global administrator role

We did write about the consequences of granting and then removing global administrator roles. As Oswin Kroon has discovered, there is more to it if you’re actually using that O365 account to organize things in your life.


Removing global administrator role from an O365 account may result in a loss of calendar appointments.

A tale of disappearing appointments

as told by Oswin Kroon

Last week a rather strange event took place in my Outlook calendar as most of my items suddenly disappeared from one day to another. I had a bit of a search (more like 3-4 hours of wasted time) I managed to get the items back.

You may ask yourself “What does this have to do with CRM/D365?” Well, allow me to explain what when wrong:

The day before I revoked my O365 admin role and replaced it with a regular user role. Nothing wrong with that, but as it happens this also means that you will lose your D365 sysadmin role as well. Since that was the only role I had, I was left without a valid role and became a D365 outcast. Still, this shouldn’t have too much impact on Outlook. But it does! As I later found out it were only my tracked calendar items that I lost in Outlook, resulting in the conclusion that losing your D365 privileges equals to losing the privilege to even read your personal calendar items if they were tracked.

After I regained my D365 sysadmin role all items were restored (although I actually started to like a blank calendar on Fridays).

Anyway, feel free to test out this scenario on your own and see if you notice the same behavior.

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