Tip #793: Enabled app does not mean installed

Gun lockedDepending on the licensing plan, Dynamics 365 instances can have an option to provision Dynamics 365 Portal. In Dynamics 365 Administration Center navigate to Applications and, if you have portal add-on in your subscription, you will see coveted Not Configured against the Portal Add-On app. Click Manage and off you go with the portal provisioning.

During the provisioning, depending on the portal selection, you may see the following message: “Cannot select this portal as the Voice of the Customer (VoC) has not been installed in your Dynamics 365-organisation”. Wait what? I just saw VoC enabled?!
VoC Enabled
As Gustaf “Surströmming” Westerlund discovered, enabled does not mean installed. Go back to your instances, select the instance, click Solutions, then select Voice of the Customer and click Install. Enabled means that your license allow installation of that particular app, installed means that you actually installed the app.

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