Tip #761: Script error in main.aspx on line 1

FragileWhen creating fine-tuned roles for restricted access to your Dynamics CRM deployment, be very careful about privileges granted on Customization tab in role editor. Some of the privileges are easy to overlook and, if not granted, that can break the user experience.

What I learned today is that CRM is very sensitive about Process privileges. The restricted users did not need to access any processes at all so I removed all the privileges. And so it began:

  • Custom form scripts wouldn’t run
  • Navigating away from the form pops up an error message
  • Error details refer to script error in main.aspx (1,1) – i.e. line 1, column 1
  • Script debugging would stop in the file on the very first line which is, errr, blank?!

Long story short, granting read privilege in the user scope to Process fixed the issue. I think it’s related to the code that builds the ribbon and, even though users don’t need and don’t have access to any dialogs in the system, the code is not defensive enough and breaks when trying to render Start Dialog button. I suspect removing the button from the ribbon might help as well but read access to user-owned processes (and they owe none) seems harmless enough.

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