Tip #710: Entities not available on mobile revisited

In Tip 284 we provide a list of entities that don’t work on CRM Mobile apps. This has changed with the Spring 2016 update. Per the CRM Roadmap site, Quotes, Orders, and Invoices are all now available via mobile, but they don’t work offline.


The following is the updated list of entities not available for mobile:

  • Attachment
  • Audit
  • BusinessUnit
  • Calendar
  • Campaign
  • CampaignActivity
  • CampaignResponse
  • Contract
  • Equipment
  • Fax
  • Goal
  • Import
  • KbArticle
  • Letter
  • Marketing List
  • ListMember
  • Mailbox
  • Position
  • Post
  • PostComment
  • PostFollow
  • PostLike
  • PostRegarding
  • PostRole
  • Report
  • SalesLiterature
  • Service
  • ServiceAppointment
  • Site
  • Subject
  • Workflow


2 thoughts on “Tip #710: Entities not available on mobile revisited

  1. W@nt2Learn says:

    Not sure if this is related or not but I’ve been searching the web high and low for this answer and hoping you might be able to help.
    I have created a dashboard in Microsoft CRM 2016, and enabled ‘view on mobile’. I can successfully see the dashboard on my PC and mobile app.
    I’ve then shared the dashboard and related reports with two colleagues, they can successfully see the dashboard on their PC but not on their mobile app.
    So my question is – can a shared dashboard be seen on a users mobile app? If so, what do I need to do to activate this?

  2. […] subsequent releases, Microsoft quickly reduced the number of missing entities and fixed many of the functionality gaps. However, they didn’t stop there. They also introduced […]

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