Tip #704: Return on investment for CRM Online

Show me the moneyHave you ever wondered what is ROI (return on intestment) for CRM Online is? If you are in sales, I bet you’ve been asked this question many times by your prospects and your customers. Wonder no more.

Learn more about the benefits, costs and risks associated with a CRM implementation in the Total Economic Impact report from Forrester, featuring financial analysis, interviews with existing Dynamics CRM customers and more.

As much as I am suspicious of any commissioned report (let me ask you: what would you do if you commissioned a report and it did not work in your favor – would you still publish it?), this one is a valuable source of information, highlights what we already have a gut feeling about and concentrates on the subject at hand rather than on the competition bashing (as many of the commissioned reports tend to do). And it’s got $s, lots of $s which should make some of us very happy.

2 thoughts on “Tip #704: Return on investment for CRM Online

  1. Leon Tribe says:

    I do like lots of dollars 🙂

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