Tip #685: Support requests for your CRM Online customers

When the wheels are falling offIf your CRM Online customer is experiencing a problem, one of the options is to create a support request in O365 portal (hopefully before the wheels start falling off). As it turns out, there are customers and then there are customers.

“Normal” accounts

MSOLP accounts provisioned via O365, would have an option to create a support request directly, i.e. go to Support > Service Requests > + > Dynamics CRM Online and then fire away.

Not for profit

Some of the customers, provisioned with the help of Microsoft support (NFP accounts fall into this category), do not have an option to create a support request directly but instead are invited to leave the details for a callback.
Support options for Not For Profit
Tried and tested, works quite well, though I’m still unsure why does the human being need to be involved for NFP organizations – are they perceived as disadvantaged in some way?!

Unfortunate ones

The customers that historically been provisioned in Australia with the help of infamous Telstra Business Productivity Suite (shortned as BPOS and doing rounds on the internets as an abbreviation for a big pile of …).
Telstra support options
Good luck calling that number as you’ll be bounced between two supports like a ping-pong ball. Consider it to be a lifestyle tax in Australia.

CSP customers

Guido “Trekkie not Star Wars fan” Preite mentions another scenario where he only gets “Contact your partner for support”, with multiple partners listed. There were even speculations that Microsoft will no longer provide first line support for CRM online.
Support for multiple partners and CSP
The truth turns out to be much simpler – answer below is a paraphrased quote:

Dynamics CRM online customers see this experience if they purchased from a CSP (Cloud Solution Provider). This is not specific to CRM, other business online services such as Office 365 suite and standalone workloads have the same experience.

As you may know, for the CSP channel, customer billing and support relationship is directly with the CSP. The reason for this, is that the CSP may have sold the customer other services and solutions they charge and support differently than Microsoft.

Having said that, CSP partners can escalate to Microsoft if needed. Also Microsoft will provide support to CSP customers if they reach directly to us. Although, the normal customer support should be with the CSP as defined in the CSP program.

Anything else

Have a different experience raising the support requests? Share with us either in comments or by emailing jar@crmtipoftheday.com.

One thought on “Tip #685: Support requests for your CRM Online customers

  1. Ben Vollmer says:

    You are forgetting some of the best ways to get support for CRM. Premier Support! And those with enhanced support plans also have other support options.

    CSP is like SPLA or ISV licensing. The relationship is between the customer and the partner, with microsoft only providing enhanced support to the partner. It’s one of the reasons I really don’t like those three options. It gets messy quickly when relationships between clients and partners sour.

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