Tip #657: CRM 4.0 Registration Hack

CRM 4.0 RegistrationRemember good old days of CRM 4.0 when there were in total 42 Dynamics CRM consultants around the world, product names had dots in them, icons had colors and legends like Michael Höhne ruled the newsgroups?

Even if you don’t, there is still a decent chance that you may need CRM 4.0 installation to bail out a stubborn customer still using Windows 98 around the office because fundamentally “there is nothing wrong with it”.

If you need to install crm 4.0, it forces you to register it; however, Microsoft has long shut down the CRM 4.0 registration servers, so you are in a pickle. Daniel “King of soft” Cai found how to trick the database to think it is registered.

Turns out, it is governed by a simple database field, IsRegistered. Changed it from False to True, and CRM 4 instance will be up and running.

2 thoughts on “Tip #657: CRM 4.0 Registration Hack

  1. David Berry says:

    Incorrect. Everything is wrong with Windows 98.

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