Tip #576: Business Process Flow can be updated on closed opportunity

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For one of my customers, it seems that when you are on a won Opportunity form, you can change BPF stage, whereas the opportunity is read only

Is this a known bug?


The answer comes from the authoritative source who shall remain anonymous:

This is by design and following is the rationale.

Business processes are across entities and hence can be updated irrespective of the participating entity’s record state.

For example, Lead – Opportunity – Quote process might have 2 stages for each entity and user can decide to close the opportunity at stage 1 itself. Now if system locks the process on closed opportunity stage 1 – it can never be moved to the quote stage.

Note that the entity fields present on the process stage are LOCKED for modification if the record is read only. This effectively means that the process can be update but the record cannot. Also for the closed records, processes are not assigned automatically.

4 thoughts on “Tip #576: Business Process Flow can be updated on closed opportunity

  1. joão says:

    Jscript can also modify a read-only record, if you put a Jscript onLoad of the form that alters a value, even if it’s read-only it will be modified, and shit will happen, when you try to leave the record it will ask if you want to save changes, and if you say ‘yes’ it will pop-up an error because you are trying to modifiy a read-only record = (.

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