Tip #558: O Mailbox Statistics, Where Art Thou?


Joel can be such a pain, he always keeps asking some questions no one seems to know the answer for. Like the other day:

What are these sync cycle processing records that feed the server side sync performance dashboard? I don’t see them in the system job log. Is there any way to bulk delete them so the server side synchronization performance dashboard is usable and doesn’t exceed the aggregate fetch record limit?

Mailbox statistics are not useful on large deployments


What a poor developer can do but a bit of digging?

From https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/gg328086.aspx:

Internal entities

The following entities are visible in the system but have no supported developer scenarios.

Entity type code Entity logical name Display name Ownership type
9607 mailboxstatistics Mailbox Statistics Organization owned


Confirming that Retrieve does work on that entity, Delete does not, BulkDeleteRequest fails as well with “Privilege Type Delete not defined on entity ‘MailboxStatistics'”

Unless there are some system processes that clean up this table, this table seems to continue to grow.

The road to nowhere

We were told that there are clean up processes in place for this table, however, according to Joel

Every environment in which I have checked that has server side sync for more than 50 users, this dashboard is unusable. It’s a shame, because this could be very helpful if it worked.

I guess that means that we have to wait until more information about this entity becomes available.

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