Tip #543: Tipster guide to Dynamics CRM 2016 solution changes

Another Friday and the first video on 2016 release is here. CRM 2016 includes, among other things, a number of enhancements to the CRM solutions functionality. In this video we will look at the how to work with solution sub-components, and introduce the concept of solutions patches.

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4 thoughts on “Tip #543: Tipster guide to Dynamics CRM 2016 solution changes

  1. Syed says:


    Awesome video. Thanks for posting.

    I have a question about adding custom entity to the solution. In the video you created a custom entity in the “Tip of the Day” solution. If I were to create another solution and add this custom entity, would I get prompted to select components or by default all the components for a custom entity are added?

    Thank again,

    • Derik Bormann says:

      Hi Syed,

      If you add a previously created custom entity to a solution, you will be prompted for the sub-components. All of the Sub-components will be included by default, but you will have the ability to remove any items that you do not want to include.

      Thanks for watching

  2. FrancoisV says:


    Really interesting video.

    For system entities, having the ability to add sub-component later in the process of the solution creation, would you think that the recommendation would be to load everything as previous version, or try to load a the smallest entity possible with the fewer information that we can, from that default system entity.

    I am trying to see what would be a best practice here.


  3. Drew Vogel says:

    Can you point to the videos that delve deeper into Patch functionality?

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