Tip #526: Team is always more than sum of its parts

Dynamics CRM TipperAnother mini truck stop, this time to assist Dylan “Not a real Kiwi” Haskins preserve his sanity.


If a team has user-level privileges, members of that team will NOT have these privileges for the records owned by individuals and not the team. For example, if the team has a user-level create privilege then a team member will not be able to create their own records, CRM will only allow them to create records owned by the team.

The Question from Dylan

Am I losing my mind, or does a User Level permission defined in a Role on a Team NOT work.

We have a role assigned to a team that gives Basic (User Level) write permission on Activities, and the user is part of the team, but their own activities appear read-only. If I assign the role directly to the user they can edit their activities as expected.

The answer

Jukka “I am not a developer!” Niiranen

Dylan, I bet you’ll find the explanation from this excellent article by Adam: “Security Roles and Teams in CRM – An Inconvenient Half-Truth”.


The authority

The author of this incredibly useful, thorough, though at times mind-bending monstrosity, Adam “I pwned the truckstop” Vero, chimed in as well:

I wonder how many people, both new to CRM or even some old hands, still get caught out by this. Would it not make more sense to change the key / legend in the Security Role editor form so that the first option is labelled “Owner” instead of “User” to try and avoid some of this confusion?

Please vote for this (now one year old) Connect suggestion: Reword security role colour key so that “User” level is labelled “Owner”

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