Tip #523: Tipster guide to invoking custom actions without code

Hey, it’s Friday and time for another video tip. In the last week’s video we talked about how to create custom action, add parameters to it, define conditions and steps, etc. This week we continue by demonstrating how to call your custom actions from real-time workflows (or dialogs) without writing any code.

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2 thoughts on “Tip #523: Tipster guide to invoking custom actions without code

  1. ElliottH says:

    Great explanation of actions, thanks!
    But why would I do this over just using the check conditions in a workflow? Can you give a more complicated example where workflows alone wouldn’t work and Actions would be needed?

    • Hi Elliott,

      there is only so much we can do in the video and scenario is, indeed, a simplified one. I think we all agree that using child labor is the way to engineer your workflows. Calling custom actions instead of the child workflows has the following benefits:

      • Workflows have only one “parameter” – record they run against, while custom actions, in addition to that, can have multiple input and output parameters. Or none at all – your choice.
      • Actions are exposed via CRM API and can be called from external code, e.g. javascript on the client, C# on the server, etc.
      • Actions can have plugins allowing change in behavior without rewiring or disabling anything.
      • There must be something else but it’s eluding me right now.

      Hope it explains it better.

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