Tip #499: Outer joins and dashboards

Another gem from Scott Sewell:

If you edit the FetchXML query of a view, you can change the view query to an outer join, enabling you to see records “not in,” or records that do not have a relationship.

When you do this, the view is available from within CRM, but cannot be selected for a dashboard view or chart.

The Captain Redlaces workaround:

  • Create the view but DO NOT modify the query to an outer join.
  • Add the view or chart to the dashboard.
  • Update the view query to an outer join.

3 thoughts on “Tip #499: Outer joins and dashboards

  1. Dylan Reynolds says:


    How do you updating the Saved Query’s FetechXML after you create the view in CRM? I know how to download the FetchXML for the SavedQuery, but what tool or steps are you using to update the saved query?


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