Tip #497: Avoid multi-column sections if using mobile

Another awesome TIL from Scott “Captain Redlaces” Sewell.


Avoid multi-column sections on your CRM forms. (If you’re going to use the Mobile Apps)

Today I Learned

If you’re going to use one of the mobile apps in your implementation, avoid using multi-column sections – the layout of these fields will be significantly different from the Web app.

Use multiple column Tabs with multiple sections – rather than a single-column tab with multi-column sections. (Multi-Column sections display in a different sequence (across then down) on the tablet apps and create a ‘mixed-up’ view of the section.)
Multi-column tabs and sections
Here’s a view of a sample record in the Web Form showing the Tab-Order.
Field flow on the web
Here’s the same form in the Tablet App – notice the how the Tab with 3 Columns translates better to the app’s default layout.
Field flow on mobile

2 thoughts on “Tip #497: Avoid multi-column sections if using mobile

  1. Ali says:

    Very useful tip. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. Sushant Potdar says:

    CRM also needs extensibility so will the anchor to add fields be added to each column section? Also how do you balance out the number of fields?

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