Tip #495: Include “Name” as first column in views for mobile or Safari

We now have so many tips coming from Scott “Captain Redlaces” Sewell that the pressure is mounting to add Captain as ah honorary tipster or, at very least, dedicate a category for him. As suggested by the man himself: “TIL”.

Today I Learned

If you’re going to use mobile App or Safari – best practice is to include the “Name” field in the view if the view is to be used on a tablet.

It makes sense to include the “Name” as the first column in your views for 2 reasons –

  1. The Name is always listed as the first (bold) line for each record in dashboards lists in the Tablet Apps (See picture)
  2. Unless you have the “Name” field in the view, you can’t open that record from the view on an iPad in Safari. – (because on the iPad you can’t double-click, you can only open records where you have the “name” field visible – admittedly it’s an edge case, but we were promoting ‘open the record in browser and you can see the related records in the subgrid – as a way to deflect trying to put every record in the app. – but we found that they couldn’t open those records in the subgrids b/c there was no link to them. – we added the “name” and like magic the design is approved.
  3. Name as the first column

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