Tip #49: How to increase marketing email open rate

What now, your marketing emails are ignored and trashed without reading? You are not alone then. If you search internets in attempt to increase open rate for your emails, you’ll find plenty of advice, typically in the form of “{Random integer between 4 and 10} tips to improve your open rates“. Tips usually revolve around subject line, A/B testing, timing, avoiding spam classification, adaptation for mobile devices, etc, etc.


I have much easier to muster, bulletproof solution based on the engine of achievement – curiosity. Let’s say you receive email from Joe Bloggs from Initech with the subject line “Awesome end of the {some random period} specials!!!“. Delete. Shortly afterwards you receive another email from Joe with the subject “Recall: Awesome end of the {some random period} specials!!!” and simple content of

Joe Bloggs would like to recall the message, “Awesome end of the {some random period} specials!!!”

Typical reaction? Quickly reach for the first message in recycle bin and read it because what could be the possible SNAFU that forced Joe to recall the message? Some juicy internals? Funny typos? Another cutlerygate? Who knows… Must open and read.

Dynamics CRM workflow engine is a godsend tool for this kind of marketing gymnastics.

For individual emails the easiest recall is right there in Outlook:

How to recall the email in Outlook

(And, no, it never actually works, stop embarrassing yourself.)

But with Dynamics CRM workflow, we turn can turn this water gun into a fully fledged bazooka in three simple workflow steps.
Visual guide into bulletproof email marketing workflow

  1. Send email
  2. Wait a few minutes
  3. Send a “recall”
The only downside of this approach I’m aware of is that, for any given recipient, it will probably work only once. (You also may lose a client and your address will most likely be blacklisted but don’t let little things get in the way of great marketing). I’m working on this tiny problem but made you look!

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