Tip #407: Some things are irreversible

Dynamics CRM TipperTruck goes wherever it pleased.

For example, US Patent Office.

Andrhe “I’ve got 88 in my handle” Margono could not make up his mind, kept adding then deleting attributes and got himself into a pickle:

Recently I was migrating some data from my Dev environment to Test environment and I noticed that there are 2 fields that is not deployed to my Test environment: transactioncurrencyid and exchangerate. I added a currency field in my Dev environment but I removed it before any deployment made to Test environment. Now my field schema on these environments are different, is it by design or can be considered as a bug?

The answer came from one of the authors of the US patent 8805882 B2:

This is by design – after the first currency field is added to a custom entity we will generate these fields for you, but if you delete the currency field we won’t delete these two fields to avoid churn. If you subsequently add another currency field we’ll detect the presence of the two other fields and will reuse them.

As you can see, adding then removing an element from a CRM organization does not always leave the system in a well-known state and presence of the additional attributes left behind may break some of the integration scenarios.

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