Tip #399: All aboard! (CRM Online Onboarding Success Center)

You’d like to try out the best CRM in business but not sure where to start? Or you’ve already tried, liked it and would like to buy a subscription? Purchased already and not sure what to do next? The good news is that now there is a single place where you can find this information :
CRM Online Onboarding Success Center
which is, in effect, a

step by step guidance to onboard y​our organization successfully on Microsoft CRM Online​

The center approach is very straightforward:

    1. Try
    2. Buy
    3. Onboard your organization
    4. Onboard your users

Everything you need to know, from signing up for a trial to empowering your users with Power BI and Office 365 Groups. Tons of goodness, training materials and videos.

That's $37 - Awesome!

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