Tip #373: Careful with delete button

As it turns out, Spießrutenlaufen is no longer exclusive developers domain and can be equally applied to the customizers. Shan “Smoke ’em” McArthur reminded all of us (and not for the first time) that it’s not all unicorns and rainbows with managed solutions.

If you ever delete a form for the entity that is part of a managed solution, you will lose that form forever.

he warned the audience.

No matter what you do, no solutions file gymnastics will resurrect the form (apart, of course, from uninstalling the entire solution and importing back the one with the form). At the same time, for unmanaged components, you can just simply reimport the entity with that form included and, presto, the form is back.

he continued.

Hear you. At least in the development world we can switch to one of the earlier commits. I’m glad that now developers have someone to share their appetite for the destructive behavior with.

2 thoughts on “Tip #373: Careful with delete button

  1. Jonas Rapp says:

    Interesting and quite scary post…

    If you do select to deploy managed solutions, you probably do it to protect your IP and to ensure that no customizer at the customer breaks your implementation.
    So you probably should set the Managed Properties of the form or entity to Not Customizable.
    Wouldn’t that prevent the possibility of accidental deletion?

    • Locking the form down probably will prevent accidental deletions but it will also stop frequently required adjustments to the forms like adding fields specific for the customer, etc. I’m yet to encounter a 3rd party managed solution with the forms locked down; it’s just not a good practice.

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