Tip #37: Update user information in CRM Online (Office 365)

If you use CRM Online on the Office 365 platform, you will notice that the main fields on the user record are read only. This is because user information is managed in Office 365 and synchronizes to CRM.

For example, say you have a CRM environment that already contains active users, and you want to change the format of the full name on the records. Say you want to change it from firstname lastname to lastname, firstname. When you change the format setting in CRM, it only applies to new users. Existing users will keep their existing format for full name.

The answer is to have your Office 365 administrator change something about the user’s name in Office 365. The change will synchronize with CRM, causing the full name format to be updated in the process. Just make sure you wait for a little while–it takes a little bit of time for changes to sync from Office 365 to CRM.

2 thoughts on “Tip #37: Update user information in CRM Online (Office 365)

  1. Dustin Mathern says:

    Do you have any advice on this when office 365 is synchronized with adfs? We’ve created users, but need to trigger a change in order to apply the lastname, firstname format to the fullname.


    • Hi Dustin,

      I don’t believe there is any control over the process of propagating the information from O365 to CRM. It’s known to take a long time (up to 48-72 hours) on the accounts containing thousands users but on smaller accounts under 100 users it’s usually near instantaneous. If your account is reasonably small and the information is still not there after, say, 24 hours, I recommend contacting the support.


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