Tip #349: Bulk delete in bulk

After using Bulk Delete Wizard in Dynamics CRM
Bulk Delete Wizard
one can be mistaken for thinking that bulk delete is only capable deleting one advanced find result screen at the time.

But if mentioning of C# invokes more that just musical associations for you, welcome to the realm of SDK, where things are not what they seem in user interface. As per SDK documentation:

With bulk deletion you can perform the following operations:… Delete data across multiple entities…

BulkDeleteRequest class contains a member variable QuerySet which, as the name suggests, is an array of QueryExpression objects.


If you ever spent time trying to make your bulk delete to run faster by modifying query page size, stop it. System duly ignores all your attempts and creates its own PageInfo object that processes 1,000 records batches.

One thought on “Tip #349: Bulk delete in bulk

  1. Jay Johnson says:

    George, nice post. I have also discovered (at least in 8.1) that when you create multiple bulk delete jobs and CRM queues them up in order, you can open at least two more of the bulk delete job records and choose Action | Resume and it will run up to three simultaneously.

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