Tip #329: Resolve Missing Record Dependencies

The other day after importing a solution into an environment, I started getting error messages when I tried to save a record. The log told me the error was because an entitlement template with ID “2b2ef0de-24b6-e411-80da-fc15b4286d18” did not exist. It seems that somehow my solution had a dependency on this record, and that record didn’t exist, so it couldn’t save the record.

I resolved this issue using the Configuration Migration utility from the CRM 2015 SDK.

  1. In my environment, I created a new entitlement template and saved it.
  2. I then connected the configuration Migration utility and created the schema and exported data for the Entitlement Templates entity.
  3. Extracting the zip file, I edited the data.xml file to modify the ID of the record I created in step 1 to the ID of the missing record.
  4. In CRM I deleted the record I created in step 1.
  5. Finally, I re-zipped the configuration migration package and imported it into my environment.

After doing this, my records could be saved successfully.

Note: This tip will get you past the missing record error, but if the process depends on the specific record having specific properties, you will have to edit the record to set the correct field values. In my case, it was a fluke and the properties of the entitlement template were irrelevant to the process. Caveat emptor, petimus credimus, Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.

2 thoughts on “Tip #329: Resolve Missing Record Dependencies

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  2. Abison says:

    Install Update rollup 2 for CRM 2013 and Update Rollup 0.2 for CRM 2015 to solve this issue.

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