Tip #295: New entities and attributes in CRM 2015

Julie “Nighteye” Yack asked the other day:

Is there a magical list somewhere (that I have failed to find after half an hour of binging, or banging?) of new entities and new attributes on existing entities for 2015?

Everhelpful Jim “Mr SDK” Daly chimed in:

The metadata browser allows you to filter by entities using the IntroducedVersion property, but you would have to open each entity to filter attributes using IntroducedVersion. It doesn’t help with that kind of search.

The attached New Attributes.zip includes an Excel file with information about all the attributes with IntroducedVersion = “”, in the context of the entity.

Many of these new attributes are for internal use only and there is usually not a use case for using the internal use only attributes. I would categorize this information as “interesting but not important” because as a whole it doesn’t help you do a particular task. But I expect experts will appreciate seeing this and will probably find something interesting in it. Possibly things we didn’t know they would be interested in.

Most new attributes that are relevant to specific things people might do in code are documented in the context within the relevant subsection of the  Model your business data area in the SDK.

I just modified our existing Sample: Dump entity metadata to a file sample to generate the XML and then opened it in Excel.

Please note that it does not include any Intersect entities and virtual attributes are excluded.

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