Tip #289: Security needed to pick and route queue items

Update  CRM 2013 SP1 changes the Queue “Work On” button to “Pick.” Before SP1, when a user clicked “Work On,” the queue item “Working On” field would be set to the user who clicked the button, but the record in the queue would remain assigned to the original owner. Post SP1, clicking “Pick” not only sets “Working On” to the user who clicked the button, but also the case/activity/record in the queue will also be assigned to the user who clicked the button..

Users must have at least user level assign permissions on activities to pick records from a queue. Assign permission is also necessary to route items in the queue.


5 thoughts on “Tip #289: Security needed to pick and route queue items

  1. Søren Andersen says:

    We have crm 2013 SP1 but no Pick button on queues, we still have the normal Work On button, are you sure it’s for 2013 and not 2015 ?

    • Joel Lindstrom says:

      this is probably because you haven’t applied the updates yet. Just installing SP1 doesn’t enable the new sp1 features. You have to go to settings–>administration, then apply the updates. This adds the new sp1 service management features.

  2. San says:

    Customer Service Hub > Service > Queues

    From ‘My queue’, I select a Case and ‘route to another queue’ named: ‘Her Queue’

    Yesterday this was all working.

    Today, when I select to route to another queue to ‘Her Queue’ I get the following error:

    Insufficient privileges
    The owner of this queue does not have sufficient privileges to work with the queue.
    Error code: 0x80040520

    Please can you help?

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