Tip #284: Entities not available for CRM for Tablets

I am a big fan of CRM for Tablets, but like any application, the CRM tablet app has some limitations. Does this make it bad? Absolutely not. What it does mean is that you should be aware of these limitations and avoid potentially costly surprises.

Most system entities and all custom entities can be included in CRM for Tablets, but there are a few entities that are not enabled for CRM for Tablets.

The following system entities are not enabled for CRM for Tablets. Most of them cannot be enabled, except for Mailbox:

  • Attachment
  • Audit
  • BusinessUnit
  • Calendar
  • Campaign
  • CampaignActivity
  • CampaignResponse
  • Contract
  • Equipment
  • Fax
  • Goal
  • Import
  • Invoice
  • KbArticle
  • Letter
  • Marketing List
  • ListMember
  • Mailbox
  • Position
  • Post
  • PostComment
  • PostFollow
  • PostLike
  • PostRegarding
  • PostRole
  • Quote
  • Report
  • SalesLiterature
  • SalesOrder
  • Service
  • ServiceAppointment
  • Site
  • Subject
  • Workflow

The following system entities are enabled for CRM for Tablets, but are read only and cannot be made editable.

  • ActivityMimeAttachment
  • ActivityPointer
  • Annotation
  • Email
  • Entitlement
  • Product
  • Queue
  • SystemUser
  • Team
  • WebResource
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