Tip #231: Increase the limits of CRM for Tablets

The tablet app for Dynamics CRM includes limits on what can be included on a form in the app:

  • 75 fields
  • 10 Grids
  • 5 Tabs

These limitations are there for a reason: mobile devices have lower RAM than a PC browser, so the default limits are there to ensure good form performance. However, sometimes you may have a situation where you need to show more on the form.

CRM includes organization settings that can increase these limits. You can change these settings using the OrgDBOrgSettings tool, available with any update rollup download. This post will give you instructions on how to connect the tool to your environment, on premise or online.

The following are the settings that you can modify to increase the tablet client limitations. Be sure that after you make this change that you test the app in the device type that your users will be using to verify that performance is acceptable in your more complex forms.

Setting Max Value
TabletClientMaxFields 500
TabletClientMaxLists 50
TabletClientMaxTabs 50

4 thoughts on “Tip #231: Increase the limits of CRM for Tablets

  1. Paul Boiano says:

    as of 5/18/16 Sean McNellis has created a codeplex project that contains a CRM Solution for doing these edits: Project is located publicly at: http://orgDbOrgSettings.codeplex.com
    – This solution can only be imported into CRM 2013, 2015 and 2016
    – Added CRM 2015 Settings
    – Updated azure mobile query to support min/max version to avoid 2011 update checker conflicts
    – includes some organization attributes (in addition to all orgdborgsettings)

  2. Bernard says:

    It seems like these limits by default have been turned off for version 9.0. Can anybody confirm?

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