Tip #208: Make Dashboards More Touch Friendly

In Dynamics CRM 2013 when using touch on a PC or a tablet like an iPad, you can view dashboards, but sometimes navigation and scrolling on dashboards via touch can be a bit tricky. When you touch a chart and swipe up and down, the dashboard will scroll as expected. However, if you touch a list and swipe up and down, the dashboard will not scroll. Rather, the list will scroll up and down. if you touch a list that has no data in it and swipe up and down, the page will get pulled up and down, but the dashboard will not scroll.

The following tips will make your dashboard more touch friendly:

  1. Teach your iPad users to use CRM in landscape orientation. When viewed in portrait orientation, you will only see one web part at a time. If you have a list/view on the dashboard, when you reach that component, you will be unable to scroll the dashboard. By viewing the dashboard in landscape orientation, you will see two components at the same time.
  2. Configure the dashboard so only charts appear on the right side, lists and web resources on the left. Since most people scroll webpages with their right hand, this will ensure that users get a consistent navigation experience when accessing CRM from a touch browser.

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