Tip #16: Add OnChange events to the Dynamics CRM 2013 Address Control

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 adds a new control for addresses that displays the address inside of a single field. This is fantastic, because it saves a lot of space on the form (compared with separate address fields), and it is consistent with how other applications, like Outlook, handle addresses.

Address control

So what if you have form logic, such as OnChange javascript running on change of your address fields? At first glance, it seems like you can’t add OnChange events to address fields.

Turns out you can add OnChange events to the address fields, by adding all of the address events to the address control. The script will still run on change of the fields, just like it did when you had individual address fields on the form.

Thanks to guest tipster Carsten Groth
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One thought on “Tip #16: Add OnChange events to the Dynamics CRM 2013 Address Control

  1. For even more information on how to work with the new composite control address fields via scripts and Business Rules, be sure to check out this great article by Paul Nieuwelaar.

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