Tip #157: Beware of the human factor

When you design your business processes in CRM, one red should be if the success of the process depends on a user taking an action in CRM. For example, if you are designing an approval process, and your process says “After approving the record, the approver is going to click “share” and manually share with the sales manager,” that should be a red flag. What happens when the approver forgets to share the record after they approve it?

If your process is overly dependent on the actions of people, it will probably fail at some point.

A better choice would be to have an automated process. When the approve approves the record, have a workflow or plugin that automatically shares or assigns the record to the appropriate person.

You can’t totally get away from relying on human interaction–in our example, the approver still has to approve the record; however, you can minimize the number of steps the person has to take, incorporate notifications and routing rules to guard against a breakdown in the process (like the approver forgetting to approve the record), and then automate as much of it as possible (such as by automating the sharing of records rather than relying on users to manually share the records).


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