Tip #149: If you are missing the “Service Management” link after upgrading to SP1

After your Dynamics CRM 2013 organization is upgraded to SP1/Spring ’14 update, and you install product updates in the Settings–>Administration area, you should see a new link called “Service Management” in the Settings area.


If you don’t see this link after you install the product updates, clear your browser cache or click CTRL+F5

If after that you still don’t see it, you can manually add the link to the settings area by exporting the sitemap and adding the following subarea to the settings area:

<SubArea Id="nav_servicemanagement"
 AvailableOffline="false" />

If you are missing other links that are new in CRM 2013, you can learn how to add these areas here.

4 thoughts on “Tip #149: If you are missing the “Service Management” link after upgrading to SP1

  1. Michal says:

    I have added the subarea to our CRM, but the setting in this area does not work. When I click on entitlements or SLA i get an error.
    Is there something I can do?

  2. Pabo74 says:

    I have the same problem. I’ve updated to SP1. The Service Management was missing. I followed your tip and added to the navigation area. It worked. If I click “old” entities such as Queue it works. If I click “new” entities such as Service Level Agreements, Routing Rule Sets or Entitlements i get “An error has occured. Try again”. Could you help me please?

  3. Pabo74 says:

    Just found out the solution. I share with you so maybe someone else could find this tip. After installing the SP1 you have to go to Setting->Administration->Install Product updates and install the new features! HTH

    • Joel Lindstrom says:

      Right, you have to enable the new features in settings. The tip is talking about after you do that if the links are not there, but I can understand how someone could miss that step.

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