Tip #1435: Update Dataverse user photo from Office 365 profile

If you think that the title looks suspiciously close to Tip #1378: Update Common Data Service user photo from Office 365 profile, you’d be absolutely right. Why? Because historically Power Platform is renowned for two traits: renaming things and changing behaviors of those things.

I’ve taken care of the former by replacing Dataflex Common Data Service with Dataverse in the title. Robert Hawke takes care of the latter because something changed, and our simply brilliant code no longer works.

I (Robert – t.j.) tried this (Tip #1378) and it didn’t work (got an error that the content was not in Base64), but I was able to fix it after some tinkering. Instead of referencing Image File Content directly I needed to reference only the body portion. Solution is to put the code below into Entity Image (when updating Dataverse user record – t.j.): 


In short, when you get an error that the content is not Base64, try using $content property. All the other steps from Tip #1378 are fine.

Cover photo is still Female Avatar by Tucia / CC BY

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