Tip #142: Piggyback customer’s CRM for support

If you are a solution provider, CRM consultant or ISV, most likely you provide support to end-users in some shape or form. That includes collecting bug reports and feedback from the users. Extend your solution and include one or two additional entities, starting, for example, with Product Feedback and Bug Report, so that users do not have to leave their environment to create a suggestion to improve your solution.

Don’t forget to create a workflow or two emailing that feedback over to the support queue in your CRM.

Other possible elements include dialogs if feedback needs to be a bit more structured than a simple title + description form (though there is always a danger of making feedback forms so complicated that no one will ever fill them in). Dialogs can also provide some data context not available in a simple entity.

This tip was gifted to us long, long time ago, like really long time ago, like when CRM 3 was around, by none other than
Guy “One tweet is ought to be enough for anyone” Riddle


2 thoughts on “Tip #142: Piggyback customer’s CRM for support

  1. Guy Riddle says:

    “One” tweet – really – must have been a ‘pocket tweet’ (by accident)…
    Thanks George 🙂

  2. Sergio says:

    Good idea!

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