Tip #1390: Bring back the green bar

In Tip 1386 we bemoaned the death of the green bar indicator of the installation status of solutions in Power Apps and Dynamics 365.

Chart Guy to the rescue! Ulrik Carlsson has created a Power BI report leveraging the FetchXML in Tip 1386 to create a report with green bars that you can use to view the installation status of your solutions.

Download the .PBIT here.

Cover photo by Johann Trasch on Unsplash

One thought on “Tip #1390: Bring back the green bar

  1. Henrik Bo Hansen says:

    Nice post and PowerBI report.
    I just want to share how I usually monitor Solution Import progress.

    I use the following URL:

    And the install a browser extension like ‘Super Easy Auto Refresh’ to refresh the page every specified second.

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