4 thoughts on “Tip #1380: “Sign in required” error when signing in to Power Apps

  1. BerendP says:

    In my experience you can also just follow whatever sign in they think was recognized and log in with that user. You can then sign out again and sign in with the correct user.
    Potentially this needs to be done per Microsoft platform you get this issue for.
    Unfortunately the “Sign in with a different account” option doesn’t work well, but through above path you get the same result.

  2. In case I’m experiencing this issue I resolve it by first navigating to portal.office.com to refresh the cookie and then I navigate back to web.powerapps.com. The “stay signed in” is useful tip indeed but it also seems to expire at some point so by navigating first to portal.office it resolves it. At least it does on my machine 🙂

  3. Scott F says:

    This can also be browser settings related; putting *.powerapps.com as trusted sites resolved it for me

  4. Cj says:

    Hahaha nice try but still wont work

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